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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my American Airlines flight information?

American Airlines' airplanes (and most commercial aircraft worldwide) are equipped with GPS trackers and advanced tracking technology that allows the headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, to track the exact locations and flight status of all their flights.

How do I book an American Airlines flight?

American Airlines offers a variety of ways to book your flight, including online and through its reservations call center:Online: American Airlines allows you to book flights directly on its website. You can filter results by price, departure date, arrival date, and duration.

What are the requirements for flying with American Airlines?

American Airlines main cabin is your typical airline economy experience, which includes: Seats with modest legroom. No charge for a seat selection. Ability to carry on a full-size bag plus a personal item. Complimentary drinks and snacks. Seats: Main cabin seats are arranged with 30 to 32 inches of pitch, depending on the aircraft type.

How can I track an American Airlines flight?

Conveniently, you can track the flight status of American flights in real-time using just the flight number, which is universally used to identify the aircraft, and its associated flight data. The reason that the airline operates such extensively is that it operates via ten different hubs in the country.

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