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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check my bags online with American Airlines?

Can I check a bag after checking in online American Airlines? You can check-in online or from the app starting 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before departure (90 for international). To check-in and check bags at the airport, you must be there a certain amount of time before scheduled departure: Within the U.S. – 45 minutes.

How do I pay for checked baggage on American Airlines?

American Airlines prefer you pay for baggage online, and It is always preferable so you can avoid the hassle and waiting at the baggage counter in the airport. You can purchase more than 3 checked bags on or in the app when you check in (starting 24 hours and up to 4 hours before departure).

How much is American Airlines bag check?

With American Airlines, when you check baggage at the airport weighing up to 50lbs and measuring 62″ (L+W+H) or less, you will pay $30-$40. If you need to check more than two bags, these are the per-bag fees for checking excess baggage on American Airlines, which are $150 for your third bag and $200 for every bag thereafter.

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