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Frequently Asked Questions

Is AIG a good insurance company?

"AIG is good company to work for". they are a non life insurance company, so its bit hard to sell. and the company does not come up with new products any how.

How much does AIG pay?

AIG agreed to pay $960 million to investors who bought AIG shares between March 16, 2006 and September 16, 2008. 22  This was one of the largest class-action settlements from the 2008 financial crisis. 2017: Federal Government Ended Its Oversight of AIG Alex Wong / Getty Images

Is AIG a good life insurance company for high cholesterol?

AIG has a good approach to potential insureds who may have slightly high or elevated levels of cholesterol. Or for potential insureds that are using various medications to deal with their higher cholesterol such as statins. According to the American Heart Association, Cholesterol is a "a waxy substance....Cholesterol circulates in the blood.

Did AIG go bankrupt?

If AIG went bankrupt, it would trigger the bankruptcy of many of the financial institutions that had bought these swaps. AIG was so large that its demise would impact the entire global economy. For example, the $3.6 trillion money-market fund industry invested in AIG debt and securities.

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