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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Agilent 34401a digital multimeter?

The Agilent 34401A digital multimeter gives you the performance you need for fast, accurate bench and system testing. This bench digital multimeter provides a combination of resolution, accuracy, and speed that rivals DMMs costing many times more.

Which Agilent 3478A commands are supported by the 34401a?

All Agilent 3478A commands are accepted and executed by the 34401A with equivalent operations, with the exception of the commands shown below. Refer to your Agilent 3478A Operating Manualfor further remote interface programming information. 3478A Command C Device Clear Description Perform a calibration. Perform a self-test and reset.

How do I connect the Agilent 34398a to my computer?

The Agilent 34398A Cable Kitcan be used to connect the multimeter to most computers or terminals. •Verify that you have connected the interface cable to the correct serial port on your computer (COM1, 2, etc).

Are there any device-specific SCPI commands for the Agilent 34401a?

The following commands are device-specific to the Agilent 34401A. They are not included in the 1991.0 version of the SCPIstandard. However, these commands are designed with the SCPIformat in mind and they follow all of the syntax rules of the standard.

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