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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of an agile epic?

Summary: An agile epic is a body of work that can be broken down into specific tasks (called user stories) based on the needs/requests of customers or end-users. Epics are an important practice for agile and DevOps teams. When adopting agile and DevOps, an epic serves to manage tasks.

What is a good analogy for agile methodology?

March Madness - A Perfect Analogy for Agile vs. Waterfall Methodology. Each year millions of Americans fill out NCAA March Madness brackets trying to pick as many games correctly as possible. I use this analogy to explain the differences between waterfall and Agile and highlight the benefits of Agile for product development.

What is the advantage of agile methodology?

The benefits of Agile makes the managers’ job easier and allows them to have greater control over their projects. What makes Agile project management truly unique is the fact that it focuses on both, delivering quality and value to the customer, and completing the project within the given project constraints.

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