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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install adselfservice plus?

For latest Windows OS versions. Click on the Window icon. Select the "All apps" options and navigate to ADSelfService Plus. Click on "Install ADSelfService Plus as Service" option. Execute the "InstallNTService.bat" file. Open the Services.msc snap-in and go to "ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus" Service.

How do I apply Service Pack?

Instructions to apply Service Pack 1 Shut down ADSelfService Plus If the product runs as an application, click on Start --› All Programs --› ADSelfService Plus --› Stop ADSelfService Plus. 2Execute the stopDB.bat file under <ADSelfService Plus>bin directory. 3Backup ADSelfService Plus by zipping the contents of <ADSelfService Plus> directory.

What is ManageEngine adselfservice plus?

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management program. ADSelfService Plus is an integrated Active Directory Self-Service Password Management and Single Sign-on Solution that reduces password-related help desk calls, increases employee productivity, and improves security.

What's new in the adselfservice Plus release 5817?

This release comes with a service pack that can be used to update your ADSelfService Plus to get the flat GUI as well as the enhancements, and bug fixes released in builds 5816 and 5817. The SMS notifications sent during MFA contain HTML code. Improper functioning of CAPTCHA when reverse proxy is configured. How to update?

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