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Frequently Asked Questions

What is address space in IBM mainframe?

ADDRESS SPACES IBM Mainframe. An address space is simply the complete range of addresses—and, as a result, the number of storage locations—that can be accessed by the computer. The maximum size of a computer's address space is limited by the number of digits that can be used to represent an address.

What is address space in operating system?

What is an address space? The range of virtual addresses that the operating system assigns to a user or separately running program is called an address space . This is the area of contiguous virtual addresses available for executing instructions and storing data.

What is the difference between address space and region in IBM?

Address space and region are keyword parameters.Address space specifies the type of memory - real or virtual memory (ie.paging).Virtual is default. Region specifies the amount of workspace used to execute a job or job step. Refer IBM Manual for more info. Let us know what puzzles you in this topic. Sridevi.

What is the range of virtual addresses in an address space?

The range of virtual addresses in an address space starts at zero and can extend to the highest address permitted by the operating system architecture. z/OS® provides each user with a unique address space and maintains the distinction between the programs and data belonging to each address space.

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