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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create queue storage in azure?

To create a queue in the Azure portal, follow these steps:Navigate to your new storage account in the Azure portal.In the left menu for the storage account, scroll to the Queue Storage section, then select Queues.Select the + Queue button.Type a name for your new queue. ...Select OK to create the queue.

How to assign public IP address to Azure VM?

Browse to the Azure portal at and sign into it, if necessary.In the portal, click Create a resource > Networking > Public IP address.In the Create public IP address pane that appears, enter a Name, select an IP address assignment type, a Subscription, a Resource group, and a Location, then click Create, as ...More items...

Can Azure Blob Storage is accessible as FTP?

Microsoft Azure does not have a fully managed SFTP service yet. If you want to deploy an SFTP on Azure, you may need to deploy a secure FTP on then integrate it with Microsoft Azure blob storage. Microsoft Azure allows you to mount your container or sync your files to and from Azure blob storage.

How to create an Azure virtual network?

Quickstart: Create a virtual network using PowerShellPrerequisites. An Azure account with an active subscription. ...Create a resource group and a virtual network. There are a handful of steps you have to walk through to get your resource group and virtual network configured.Create virtual machines. ...Connect to a VM from the internet. ...Communicate between VMs. ...Clean up resourcesNext steps. ...

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