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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the 9900 located?

Located inside the Shilo Inn on Canyon Road, The 9900 and it’s 3 properties – The Steakhouse, The Chamber (cigar lounge), and Lou’s Bar – are a true Hidden Gem in the West Hills. (*no affiliation with the Shilo Inn) We are passionate for excellent service, attention to detail, and mouth watering dishes.

What kind of processor is the i9 9900?

9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900 desktop processor with Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel vPro Technology. Offers pro-level performance for enthusiast Gaming, creating, and overall productivity. Thermal solution included in the box.

Is the *9900 code safe to use to increase storage space?

I found numerous videos on YouTube suggesting this "secret code" (from your dial pad screen) *#9900# is this a "safe" procedure to attempt in order to increase storage space? It won't really increase your storage space. It is more for if the system is registering the amount used incorrectly.

Was ist die TDP of a 9900k-cpu?

Genauso wie die 9900K CPU nicht wirklich 95W TDP hat, hat die 9900 CPU keine 65W TDP. Mit einer guten Kühlung und einem guten Mainboard werden diese Werte unter Last deutlich überschritten. Bei cpu.userbenchmark schwanken die Ergebnisse der meisten User zwischen 4.5 und 4.7 GHz.

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