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Frequently Asked Questions

Which 990 Form does your nonprofit need to file?

990EZ - Your nonprofit may file this form if your gross receipts are under $200,000 and your total assets are under $500,000. The 990EZ is a 4-page form that requires your organization to collect data from your balance sheets, record on your program projects and accomplishments, itemize your grant information, and more.

Which 990 Form should I file?

Form 990-N is the simplest form for filing. It’s an e-postcard that the organizations file with the IRS. In order to file 990-N, your nonprofit organization should meet the following requirements: • The organization must be a 501c3 approved organization, or it must be already included in the IRS database for filing.

Is 990 an odd number?

To find out if 990 is an odd number, we divided 990 by two. When we did this, we found that the answer is a whole number. If you divide any number, such as 990, by two and you don't get a whole number, it means that the number is an odd number. 990 divided by two is a whole number.

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