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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best conservative talk radio station in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia's AM 990 990AM Is Your Intelligent, Conservative Talk Radio Station!

What is newstalk990wntp?

WNTP is Philadelphia’s home for Intelligent, Conservative Talk, as well as exciting play-by-play sports broadcasts and other programs of special interest to listeners in the Delaware Valley, and around the world. Twitter: @NewsTalk990WNTP Language: English Contact: 117 Ridge Pike Lafayette Hill, PA 19444 (610) 940-0990 Website:

What is Aaron Klein's talk radio show?

Aaron Klein's highly-rated show is broadcast from Jerusalem and focuses on U.S. politics and foreign affairs. It uniquely fuses news reporting, including exclusive investigative journalism, with the concept of talk radio. Golf Talk Live Tony Leodora brings you the world of golf over the radio in an entertaining and informative manner.

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