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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I listen to Stigall on 990 AM?

Stream at or on their app. Stigall’s addition to the AM 990 lineup marks the end of a months-long leave from Philadelphia airwaves. The Missouri native joined 1210 WPHT in 2010, and remained there for nearly a decade before parting “on good terms” with station management in March, as Stigall told The Inquirer earlier this year.

What happened to Chris Stigall on WPHT?

Conservative talk radio host Chris Stigall is back on Philadelphia airwaves, following his departure from 1210 WPHT-AM earlier this year. Stigall made his return Monday as host of Philadelphia’s Morning Answer, a program that anchors the rebranding of NewsTalk 990 AM WNTP as Philadelphia’s AM 990, The Answer.

Why did Phil Stigall leave Philadelphia?

In a 2011 Daily News article, Stigall said friends were concerned about the move, and worried that the city wouldn’t accept the broadcaster due to an overarching “parochial” attitude — a notion that Stigall quickly shot down at the time. “As long as you’re honest with Philadelphians, they’re going to be great,” he said.

What is the best conservative talk radio station in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia's AM 990 990AM Is Your Intelligent, Conservative Talk Radio Station!

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