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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose 5q5q?

5Q provides the full spectrum of technology solutions. Our service teams – 5Q LeadRE, 5Q Connect, 5Q Cyber and 5Q TechIQ – offer CIO and CISO level leadership, cyber security strategy, help desk support, onsite IT operations, and more.

What is 5q minus (5q-) syndrome?

Learn more 5q minus (5q-) syndrome is a type of bone marrow disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). MDS comprises a group of conditions in which immature blood cells fail to develop normally, resulting in too many immature cells and too few normal mature blood cells.

What is 5q APEST?

5Q is the capacity to see the APEST (Eph.4: 1-16) in the largest and deepest way possible. We can see APEST as an interpretive key to unlock potential and purposes in disciples, leaders and organisations.

What is 5qcollective?

At 5QCollective we provide tools, training and resources around APEST for individuals and organizations to unlock and activate their latent kingdom potential. The whole reason we exist is to increase the awareness and application of APEST. 5Q is...

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