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Frequently Asked Questions

Was 1977 a leap year?

Year '1977' is not a Leap year. Leap years close to year 1977 are: 1972 1976 1980.

What movies were made in 1977?

1977 was the year of “The Ascent”, a brilliant and unapologetic war drama. 1977 was the year of “Stroszek”, a film of epic sadness so real and tangible it hurts. The list of great films that came out in 1977 could go on forever, but here are the 25 best films that were released in this spectacular year in cinema.

What historical events happened in 1977?

Blackouts are the most remembered events that occurred back in history. On July 14th, 1977, New York City and Brooklyn Bridge experienced a constant blackout. New York was never assumed to experience such halts, but 13 to July 14th made history.

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