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What kind of parts are in a 1966 Nova?

A government-mandated energy-absoring steering column and safety steering wheel, soft interior parts such as armrests and sun visors, recessed instrument panel knobs, and front shoulder belt anchors, were included in all 1967 models. 1966 Novas saw a significant restyling, based in part on the Super Nova concept car.

What was the original name of the Pontiac Nova?

After 1971, other GM divisions began rebadging the Nova as their new entry-level vehicle, such as the Pontiac Ventura II (once a trim option for full-size Pontiacs to 1970), Oldsmobile Omega and the Buick Apollo. Interestingly, the initials of the four model names spelled out the acronym NOVA (Nova, Omega, Ventura, Apollo).

What years did the Chevy Nova have front wheel drive?

From 1980 onwards, the Nova's original niche in the Chevrolet lineup was filled by front-wheel drive compacts including the Citation (1980 to 1985), and Corsica (1987 to 1996).

What kind of engine does a 1971 Nova have?

1971 Novas were similar to the previous year but with the loss of the simulated fender vents and the discontinuation of the 396 in³ engine for the SS with the 350 in³ engine taking its place. 1971 also saw the introduction of the Rally Nova, a trim level that only lasted two years (until it resurfaced in 1977).

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