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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of car is a 1966 Plymouth Barracuda?

1966 Plymouth Barracuda Chrysler didn't set the world on fire with the release of the sporty compact ... 1966 Barracuda. This is a really solid car. It has been mine for about a year.This car has factory a ... 1966 Plymouth Barracuda. All original miles Has been in storage most of it's life. 20,844 actual mil ...

When did the first Barracuda come out?

1966 Plymouth Barracuda Chrysler didnt set the world on fire with the release of the sporty compact Barracuda on April 1, 1964. That blaze was ignited two weeks later with the premiere of Fords ico...

What kind of interior does a 1967 Chevy Barracuda have?

Inside, the Barracuda received a new dashboard an optional center console. With a restyle right around the corner for the 1967 model year, little was changed on the Barracuda. The minor revisions inside and outside came from the fact that the Valiant, the car the Barracuda was based on, received them as well.

Does the Plymouth Barracuda have fold-down seats?

Like it had since its introduction in 1964, the Barracuda featured fold-down rear seats, which were novel for the time and would, at least in part, inspire future versions of other pony cars to include the same feature. The space created when the rear seat was folded prompted Plymouth to brag of “7 feet” of cargo area for the car.

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