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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blank census form used for?

Blank census forms are commonly used to record genealogy information found in US Census Forms. Download these free printable blank census forms and record census information about your ancestors. Once you find your ancestor, you can copy their information onto the appropriate blank census form and keep it in your records.

What was included in the 1840 census form?

1840 US Census Form The 1840 US census still only has the name of the head of the household and then enumerated the white males and females and the number of male and female slaves in smaller age groups. Deaf, dumb, blind, idiotic, insane whites and slaves were also counted.

Are there worksheets available for United States federal census records?

The following worksheets (blank forms with column headings) are available for United States federal census records: Additional worksheets (blank forms with column headings) are available at:

What was the US Census form in 1930?

1930 United States Census Form This blank census form has space for all your ancestor's census information that would have been recorded on the 1930 United States Census. Census questions included more questions about occupations and Indian status.

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